Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free! Free At Last!

I think even Martin Luther King would be happy because after many hours of un-doing, my Americana tablecloth backing is free at last!  Amazing how much quicker I can get into trouble than out!  So now I am ready to begin the quilting once again.  I decided, however to pretend to be like the seasoned quilter and go to another project so I can have an official "UFO".  (I feel so grown up!)
My next project is a banner for my Grandson.  At age 4, he has learned the prayer at meal-times so he now recites it at all our family gatherings.  I ran across a stamped linen piece at a garage sale and took it off the wooden planks it was glued to so I could quilt it for him.  I think it will be a nice addition to their dining room.  One of my biggest problems when deciding on a project is just that:  Deciding on a project.  I have pored over books and magazines to get ideas for the perfect border and bought numerous fabric pieces and I am tired so I am just going to do it.  Here is my next project:
Today while enjoying the El Paso autumn, I tried to get a photo of a Monarch butterfly for you but my batteries in my camera were dead, and of course, after the batteries were charged, the butterfly was gone.  I did, however, get some shots of my glorious Cosmos:
Until next time.....

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Hilachas said...

Why does that home button keep disappearing? I can't get around your blog without it. BTW, I'm so proud of you, two post is a week or so? Now you just need some traffic here. Maybe I should put that one of the stipulations for entering my giveaway is that "they" become a follower of your blog...