Thursday, October 6, 2011

Of Stipling, Meandering, Scavenger hunting, and just plain getting lost.......

Well here we go...........I have put together my Americana tablecloth and begun the quilting part......The first block was done definitely NOT by the Stipling method, nor, I fear the Meandering method for neither of those allows the quilter to go back over a previous stitch.  I thought maybe I would invent my own method and call it the Scavenger method because I have gone over the same places again and picked up several surprises along the way.   I am posting two photos.  The first shows the backing I decided to use for my tablecloth.  It is the same fabric I used in the center squares.  I have to argue with myself quite often because I have a tendency to want to "save" fabric so I end up with pieces of fabric with nice patterns that are sitting on the shelf.  I made myself put away the white backing I had planned to use in favor of the one I used for the center squares and I love it! 

 When I am done with the quilting I plan to turn bind the edges with the backing.
"Oh", you may ask.........."how come the backing isn't showing on that bottom left edge?"
That's where the "Just plain getting lost" part comes in...........When I quilted the first block, my machine was still on the countertop and I did that one standing was slow and not that comfortable so I picked up the jigsaw puzzle off the table and decided to do the rest of the quilting sitting was much faster that way!!  Unfortunately I didn't notice that the backing was folded underneath so all the quilting I did on the second square (yes, pretty much all of it) now has to be removed because I quilted the folded backing in with it! that what "they" mean when they say "back to square 1"?????????????  Anyway..........before I get my seam ripper is a photo of the two quilted squares I did today.........

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Hilachas said...

Well, this post was quite entertaining and has me ROTFL. Join the rest of the quilting world in that we all do stuff like that.