Sunday, November 13, 2011

Beauty Shop Update

Ok I am back home and even though I ran out of time and the tie-dye workshop was cancelled, I still was able to get the beauty shop time in with my kids.......My son's sweet wife (she is my only daughter) was ready for "the shortest my hair has ever been" haircut so we did some chopping and here are the results:

 Although I have not been working in the field since I started taking x-rays, I still keep my Texas Cosmetologist License in force and thanks to my family I can still keep in practice.  My youngest grandson, Chase, got his very first haircut and anyone who was ready got a trim while I was visiting.

Since getting back home I have been trying to start my crazy quilt.  As in most projects, the hardest thing for me is just getting started.  I did get several squares of batting cut and now I am going to cut some muslin squares for backing and hopefully I can get at least one done today.
I would also love to get some Christmas projects done this year but that remains to be seen........
For now can you check out these two goblins I ran into while visiting the kids:

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