Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Productive Wednesday!

"When you help someone up a hill, you're that much nearer the top yourself."                - Anonymous

I actually made myself a "mental" list today......First I wanted to vacuum my sewing room floor since it was muddled full of pieces of fabric and thread (it is a dark blue carpet....not the best color for a sewing room but very pretty and easy to clean).  Then I wanted to cover a pillow with a beautiful hooked rug my Mother made about 20 years ago. When she gave it to me originally, I displayed it on the wall but after my color decor changed I took it down and stored it.  Over the years I have seen it and wished I had a place to show it off.  My new sewing room has only my sewing chair so when I have company (or when I need to sit and rest) we sit on the floor and lean on throw pillows.  I thought Mama's rug would make a fabulous pillow top and I was right!  Just look!

I had already cut some brown fabric to use for the back when I happened to glance down at my sewing table and saw one of the fabric treasures I found at GoodWill last week............the perfect match!

After making the pillow and vacuuming the floor I needed a rest so I tried out my new pillow.......soooooooo comfy!

Next on my list was replacing the motherboard in my laptop, which I keep in my sewing room.   One of the USB plugs in the back had stopped working and I had bought an extra motherboard last fall when I replaced the motherboard in an identical laptop that my sister had given me.

 I also planned to finish a tied fleece blankie for my nephew's future son (this was really the reason I vacuumed.....didn't want all those little pieces of fuzz all over the blankie) 

...... and finally I planned to start on my project for my Valentine Swap.

The motherboard was replaced........since I already knew the drill from replacing the earlier one it went rather quickly..........Next I finished the fleece blankie and it is ready to mail to my nephew and his wife (Baby Max is due next month)......... I just love the new fabric patterns they are making in fleece these adorable!  And I love the ease of these "hand crafted" throws...........did I say EASY????? What a great way to get together a fast gift...........

So now I am getting ready to start the project for my Valentine swap and I'm still awake!  Oh, by the way, I even had time to go to lunch with my Sis today!............I love days like this when I get so much done.........makes the day last so much longer..........
Ok I'm still revved so I am going to go get acquainted with my sewing machine again...........TaTaForNow!!

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Needled Mom said...

The pillow is perfect for the new color for the year too - tangerine!

It sounds like you had a wonderfully productive year.

Lynette said...

Wow! You really did get a lot done and everything looks great. I remember that rug that Mama made too...what a neat idea. And....the blanket for baby Max is adorable! I wish my busy days were as productive :)