Friday, July 27, 2012

Two Sisters Traveling Stash and Surprises from Raelene

 "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."  - William Shakespeare

Today my sister at Hilachas and I are announcing the  “Two Sisters” Traveling Stash."
Why this Traveling Stash was born:
About a month ago (June 25th), Irene won Traveling Stash Box #3.  but, unfortunately, has never received it and has been unable to post the giveaway.  
So, Irene and I decided that we want to send a “Traveling Stash Box” out anyway and have filled up a new box with goodies that we hope you will like and send it to the winner of this giveaway.
Some of the goodies in the Two Sisters box:
3 Christmas fat quarters and a package of 6 fabric Christmas ribbons,
7+11fat quarters

 1 charm pack of 25 cut from miscellaneous fabrics and 1 pack of 50 postage stamp squares - 2 ½ inch,

1 Book and 5 patterns:  
The Book is "Pinwheel Quilts" by Sara Moe and includes a CD
The patterns include:
1.    Decorator Pillows
2.   Barnyard Animals
3.   Christmas apron, ornaments, and potholders
4.   Baby Bibs
5.   Assorted Bags; messenger bag, backpack, hipster bag, cell phone holder, and change purse
6 yards of fabric from Connecting threads, great for a quilt backing, 
and additional yardage which varies from ½ yard to 1 7/8 yds
6 spools of thread, assorted sizes and colors,

and last but not least, 4 cushion sized panels shown below, 2 equestrian panels, one floral wreath panel and 1 golfer panel:

The usual rules will prevail for “Two Sisters” Traveling Stash:”
At this point I would like to direct you all to Irene's page at Hilachas for the sign-ups.  She has posted the rules and guidelines there.  Please note that the giveaway ends Friday, August 3rd at midnight, MDT.
In the second part of my post I want to show you some lovelies that came in the mail yesterday from my Block Swap Adventure Partner, Raelene. I have requested scrappy blocks from my swap partners....
 the block above is named "ScrapBagger" and the block below is named "Wild Zinnia"
My scrappy quilt top is well on it's way!  Thank you Raelene.  I love them!
Raelene asked for any block made with Japanese fabrics and these are the blocks I sent to her:

So you all are probably wondering how the Dresden quilting is coming along?  Well....I'm on my way up to the sewing room right TaTa for now........................

2 good friend(s) left a comment:

Cherie said...

What great looking blocks! Scrappy is the way to go! (though it does take an awful lot of time!)
Loving those Japanese prints they are so pretty!! =D

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

The blocks you received and the one you made are wonderful. Looks like a wonderful month of swapping.