Monday, February 26, 2018

Granddaughters are so much fun....Part II

I just had to show you how the quilts I sent my baby girls hit it off.................
The "I believe in Fairytales" quilt I made for the baby made it just in time for her 1 Month photo!  Would you believe the dress she is wearing is actually a matching dress for the Raggedy Ann I made for her??  Yes, I am in love......

...and big sister loved the doll quilts and matching PJ's I sent she is with the set she picked out............the PJ's fit "Dolly" perfectly!

Did I say I'm in love????

Monday, February 19, 2018

Granddaughters are so much fun!

I was blessed with a new granddaughter last month and promised I would get her quilt from Nana finished in time for her first month baby photo..........Nana managed to have her Raggedy Ann done in time for the birth and was waiting on some fabric to finish the is Raggedy............we don't know what her name will actually be.....her "big" sister named the Raggedy Nana gave her "Dolly" maybe this will be "Polly" or "Molly"?? Or maybe "Annie".....who

I had been saving some "Fairy Tale Friends" fabric from American Jane for quite awhile to make a special quilt....Fairy Tale Friends has long been out of print but I had a charm pack, a layer cake, a honeybun, and a panel.  The panel only had 15 squares so I made an extra 5 fairy tale scenes using my embroidery machine so I would have 20 blocks........I used the Attic Window pattern and added some more embroidery and here it is!

I used the panel for the front. For the back I used some of the charms, honey bun strips and the cake layers , together with some of the red fabric I had used for the window panes and some more embroidery.....I used a variegated thread to do some free motion meandering all over and was quite pleased with the results. 

  My new little Kitty was a great help too.......

My Sis found a vintage quilt top that someone had hand embroidered with the baby animals and gave to me. I cut it in half and made two doll quilts for the Raggedies....I used flannel for the backing and made a set of matching pajamas for each.... I'll send these along with Ella's quilt......