Sunday, August 29, 2021

WOOFA for August!

 Time to get back to something!  Whether it be blogging, sewing, or what have you....the time is NOW!

Last month my Mom and I went to a garage sale where I managed to leave with 5 totes full of fabric, a hand stitched quilt top, and several Grandmother's flower garden hexi blocks!  What could I do?  This wasn't even an estate was a moving sale and I asked the lady why she was getting rid of her stash....she said, "Oh Honey, I have a big room in the house full too and I am not going to have room at my new house".........I really didn't even know everything I bought til I started looking through it

I have added this hand sewn quilt top to my WOOFA list........even though it didn't start out as my UFO I feel a sense of obligation to finish this gorgeous quilt..........

I can't imagine spending so much time on a quilt and then putting it in a garage sale but I am happy I am able to finish it for her....check out the hand stitching!

I looked through my stash for a piece large enough for the backing with no luck but I found enough green fabric to piece together 16 large pieces that I think will work well.....

so this is my contribution to the August WOOFA.......thanks Chez for keeping me on your list!  I hope to have this finished for September!  Don't forget to see all the other WOOFA projects at Gone Stitchin!