Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sewing with Friends...............

"Here's a mug rug for you,
and a mug rug for me,
We'll have a snack,
Some cookies, or tea" -unknown


I swap with a group of friends....the same group who we did a couple of Robins with........I showed you the Round Robin we did in my last blog and am currently working to finish the beautiful Row Robin we finished swapping in December.  Now we are working on smaller projects.  This month we swapped mug rugs...........For my first request I asked for a mug rug having to do with New Mexico because I am a New Mexico native......Lynette made this gorgeous map of New Mexico with the Zia Sun Symbol!  I Love it Lynnie! Thank you.:)

I was supposed to send something to Mary, who only asked that it fit in her 8"x8" mug rug box in her living room.  Since it was close to Valentine's Day I sent this to Mary.  I found the pattern on Craftsy....I believe it is called "Floating heart" or "Hearts Afloat"....or something similar.
I sort of got a bit ahead of myself because I found another Valentine pattern I liked so I sent this to Lynette so she could use it this month......
Aren't mug rugs fun??

Monday, February 20, 2017

Ready For Spring!

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"  --Chinese Proverb

I am definitely ready for spring....aren't you?  I know I haven't blogged in ages....since last year, actually.......but I have a few things to show you:

Every year my kids go to Great Wolf Lodge and they keep asking me to go with them ...this year I actually did go!......what a great trip....I'm so glad I went.  It was a great relaxing trip.....I think I might go next year again!  
For those of you who have never been to a Great Wolf Lodge....I will explain that the whole hotel is "interactive" and has several "quests" the guests can take...and they can also spend a lot of money on costumes.......unless they have a Nana who sews!
Here are the costumes I made for my grandsons.............


I have actually been "playing" quite a bit up in my sewing room lately and made a couple of weighted blankets among other things......the weighted blankets are supposed to be good for kids and even adults who have to live with ADD or ADHD....even autism....seems they "hug" when used and the weight helps by giving a calming effect......well I made the first for my of the sweet little guys in the photo above.......7.5 lbs worth of Poke'mon.....

and one for my son.....a t-shirt quilt weighing in at 25 lbs!

 I turned over the sides of the one I made for my grandson so that I can add extra pellets as he grows.....according to the tutorials I saw, you should make them at least 10% of the person's weight but not more than 15%......the filler pellets are the same that you see that are used for filling dolls....polypropylene plastic................

Below is the T-shirt weighted quilt----my son is a Cowboys-Rangers-Mavericks and Longhorns fan....(should I have just said "Texas"?).....and I also included some scripture T-shirts for him (because he is also a fan of Jesus).....Since I didn't use any pellets in the sashing it was kind of hard to get it to lay very flat....but my son gave it a good rating ("Neat!") after sleeping with it so who cares if it lays flat or not, right??

I also finally finished the beautiful Round Robin wall hanging my group did for me last year!  See my blog post here when I blogged after getting it back from everyone.  So I now have it on my bedroom wall....I used a navy solid together with a strip of the Peacock fabric to frame the signature blocks for the backing....but I may have to take it off the wall and use it as a lap quilt because it makes me sad that I can't see the signature blocks......the navy actually looks black photographed quite dark.....

One more photo and I'm outta eldest son has a "fishing wall" in his Man Cave where he hangs photos of all his family and friends who send him a photo of them holding an actual fish they caught.....and this is the rule in order to get yourself on the wall: actually have to send a photo of you holding the fish..........I told him the only fish I had caught lately were at the grocery I sent him this photo of me holding the salmon I "caught" at Albertsons......and he said..."Well it has to go on the wall!" have to be kinda weird to be in this