Friday, June 15, 2018

Lexington Challenge, Table toppers...

I joined the National Quilter's Circle Lexington Sampler challenge and after being 3 weeks behind have managed to catch up!  It is a 9 week challenge and so far we are on week #4 (each week has been 2 blocks of same pattern).  You can choose to make either a bed size or throw size quilt. (the bed size has additional borders). Although the original quilt is basically reds I decided to use a blue palette.....Here's what I have so far.....

week seven has a bonus block for the center if we don't want to use plain fabric or our own center block. I really don't like either of the middle colors here so I will most likely wait for the bonus pattern or find one of my own.  Does anyone have a suggestion for a 15 inch center block?

I got this beautiful table topper from my swap buddy, Irene....I'm all ready for fall!  Irene used the Swoon block and added the triangles to make the second on point background square. (ummm….I may have "made her" use the swoon  She also included some beautiful machine embroidery.  I love it so much! Thanks Irene. Sorry my photo doesn't do it addition to the pumpkin center, there are quilted leaves also.

Oh...….and here is the front of the topper I made for Irene's table...….

 I guess that's all for this post.  I hope Blogger has fixed the no comment notification problem...………….

Friday, June 1, 2018

Table Toppers and Visiting with Family

Last post I showed you the back of the table topper I sent to my swap partner and now that I know she received it I will show you all the front of the "God Bless America" topper:

I had wanted to make a swoon block since they became so popular a few years ago but just never had.  Then I came across a table topper on Pinterest that someone had adapted from a swoon block and decided to take the opportunity.  It is really easy because all you do is cut 2 pieces of 9x9 fabric diagonally and sew to the middle of each side of the finished Swoon block to make the additional 4 points. 

 We allow ourselves 2 months between swaps in our group but I have a really busy remainder of the year and I've been trying to get ahead so I don't end up in a pinch later on...

That being said....I've made my next topper...…….since my swap partner will see this post I will do like before and show you the back.  Irene had requested an oblong or rectangular table topper in teals, brown, and creams: 

I am visiting my son and his family this week and having a great time.  We went to the beach on Memorial Day and will have a party this weekend to celebrate my granddaughter's 3rd birthday before I head back a bonus my other son and his family will be here and I'll have all my grandchildren in one place at once!