Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bloggers Choice Fat Quarter Bundle Competition!

Ok, I hope I can do this right..........

Quokka Quilts is hosting a Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle Competition together with the Fat Quarter Shop providing the prize!

If you are the winner you will receive a Half yard each of 15 fabrics of your choice which you have picked out as your favorite palette from the Fat Quarter Shop
I love a bohemian look and have chosen the following and posted them at Quokka Quilts 
1.   Bella Solids Fuchsia 9900-190
2.   Bella Solids Purple 9900-21
3.   Bella Solids Sienna 9900-194
4.   Royal Gardens Wisteria&Gold Tiny Florals J8628-229G
5.   Royal Gardens Cream&Gold Diagonal Fans J8627-33G
6.   Royal Gardens Wisteria&Gold Ribbon Florals J8626-229G
7.   Cactus Garden Batiks Cactus Allover Berries IB53-A3
8.   Bohemian Soul Plum Lace LAE-1307
9.   Bohemian Soul Terra Tribal BOH-506
10. Bohemian Soul Ocher Destiny Road BOH-607
11. Bohemian Soul Night Rhapsody BOH-603
12. Bohemian Soul Hay Endless Dream BOH-502
13. Bohemian Soul Dark Mystic BOH-600
14. Bohemian Soul Green Caravan BOH-504
15  Bespoken-Orchid Jacquard BE-7102

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let's have more champagne!

I am still practicing with paper piecing so I decided to give the champagne glass another try and voila! is much straighter than the first!  Here is my second champagne glass flag:  the bubble applique was made with a fabric with little stars in it which was a little too much like the background so I used a dark blue to applique with.  I used a multi-colored thread that I found at a little quilt store here in El Paso for the quilting.  I really like the way that thread looks.........I am still practicing my freehand quilting and I do well for awhile then it sort of gets away from me but as "they" say.........from an airplane it looks great!
I am going to take a day off from quilting to wrap a few gifts and BTW....Irene you can have one of the Champagne glasses .....I'll trade it for the Turkey you made...LOL....take your pick!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Year's Flag done!

My sister, Irene, who you may infer from the title of my blog has always seemed to be the one who "gently" pulls me (kicking and screaming?) into doing many month she brought me the most darling turkey wall flag hanging on a little wire hanger and said, "now you have a hanger to put a different flag on at each season!"......I said, "Oh cool!  When are you going to make me the Christmas one??", to which she rolled her eyes and informed me that from here on out it is up to me to make each is the turkey hanging.......Those of you who follow her at Hilachas may have already seen it but I think it calls for is so cute!
Well, anyway, I am so busy with the Christmas season that Mr. Turkey is standing in for Santa Claus this year but I found a fabulous paper-pieced pattern for a glass of champagne designed by Susan Druding at
I am new to paper piecing so I have been trying to practice and here is my New Year's Flag...the glass is a little crooked but I decided probably this was already the 4th or 5th glass for the drinker so he was a little tipsy? Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.......
I've seen many bloggers talk about New Year's quilting resolutions so maybe this should be one of mine; to create new seasonals flag to hang in 2012.  (Notice I'm not saying "monthly"....hahaha......
I leave you today with this inspirational quote I received today:

"Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement."    - Henry Ford

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Block Party House Block Finished!

My entry for Love, Laugh, Quilt's annual Block Party is done!  It is my first attempt at paper piecing......I found the pattern at Paper and they also have a wonderful tutorial on paper piecing but I also found a fabulous tutorial at and between the two I sort of got the hang of it........I only sewed a couple of pieces backwards and I learned that one should probably pull the paper out as you go instead of waiting til the end.  I finally was able to get the remainder of the paper out by washing my block.
Anyway here is my block and I am also including the links to the web sites I mentioned.........happy paper piecing everyone! the way......those are ducks flying over the house not reindeer...LOL.......

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Decorations, WIP's, and UFO's......

So I messed up and finished one of my works in progress so it can't be a UFO anymore....LOL.... Here is the baby blanket for a friend I made using the Take5 pattern....pretty fast pattern....It is all cotton flannel except for the cotton chennile I used.  The brown flannel is not really as dark as it looks in the photo....

I got my Christmas tree up, my Christmas town, and Fireplace mantel decorated and finished a couple of fleece throws tied for my Grandsons....
More of my "instant gratification" crafting....I made a 45"x45" Tow-Mater throw for my little guy who is not yet a year old:
...and a larger (heavier too) race-car motif throw for my nearly 5 year old "big boy" grandson:
I would like to mention a couple of great giveaways:  Hilachas has an After Thanksgiving Giveaway with great stuff from the Fat Quarter Shop and at Linsnaweary Quilts, an opportunity to win a Go Baby Cutter....just click on the logos below: