Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Vintage Sugar Bowl Pincushion and Another Sponsor for PPPP!

I had seen a vintage teapot that someone had flipped the lid over and inserted a pincushion, then used the teapot to hold sewing notions and had wanted to try it out for awhile...........

Unfortunately I couldn't see how a big teapot close to any of my sewing projects would fit without me tipping it over to the floor......but then I started thinking about a little vintage sugar bowl that had been tucked away in a kitchen cabinet and thought......hmmmmm....that might work......

I wish I could say the stitchery is my own work but I snipped it out of a damaged vintage piece I found at a second hand store.  

So I mentioned another sponsor for the PPPP! Yes, our friend at Seriously I think it needs Stitches, Kelli Fannin, has just had one of her fabric designs picked up by Riley Blake and is going to give some lucky winner some of this awesome fabric together with a Sew Chatty Tote (or pin pals zipper pouch) and an enamel pin! 

Please click on THIS LINK to visit Kelli's store.  She has lots of fabulous patterns and pins and wonderful stuff she's designed for you to look at!

Thanks Kelli!  We appreciate you and our other sponsors who help make the Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade a big success!

20 more days til the Parade Link-up Opens!!

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

I Love a Parade!!

Especially if it's a Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade !! 
.....and here are the dates the PPPP will be open for link-ups:

We have settled on June 8 through June 19 for this year's parade.  This will give everyone enough time to round up your pincushions (or make some new ones!) and also to visit our wonderful sponsors and maybe find some goodies we can't live without on their websites!

This year (so far) we have these sponsors:

Clint and Judi Madsen from Green Fairy Quilts  are giving some lucky winner a $25 gift certificate to spend at their fantastic store!  GFQ has a fabulous line of precuts, yardage, patterns, notions, quilt scrap bags, 50% deals.....and, well I can't even begin to name everything they have.....why don't you all go check it out yourselves??  I do know they are having a great sale on charm packs and mini charms right now because well....someone in my house might have bought a few.......(it couldn't be me because I have enough fabric right now and I told myself not to buy anymore......)

Also onboard sponsoring with a $25 gift certificate for one of our winners is the Fat Quarter Shop! They have so many things to offer including fabric, notions, patterns......they sponsor BOMs, contests, and also have lots of freebies......the awesome pinwheel pincushion on my last post came from FQS.  If you missed it, click HERE to check it out.  And please visit visit FQS by clicking the link below.

And also, our friend Barb at Bejeweled Quilts by Barb is sponsoring the Parade with 2 of her fabulous patterns!  Barb is an Island Batik Designer and has had one of her patterns published in the book "Craft it Now".  You can find Barb's patterns on Craftsy (now called "Blueprint")  Click on either of the links below to see Barb's patterns and all the cool stuff she does on her blog!

The next of our wonderful sponsors is Kelli Fannin, at Seriously I think it needs Stitches Kelli has just had one of her fabric designs picked up by Riley Blake and is going to give some lucky winner some of this awesome fabric together with a Sew Chatty Tote or Pin Pals Zipper Bag and an enamel pin! 

Please click on THIS LINK to visit Kelli's store.  She has lots of fabulous patterns and pins and wonderful stuff she's designed for you to look at!

Thanks Kelli!  We appreciate you and our other sponsors who help make the Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade a big success!

We still have other prizes to come so stay tuned and start rounding up your pincushions to enter in the parade.  The link-up party opens on June 8 and you will be able to link up through June 19.  You can get an extra chance for prizes by blogging about the parade and posting the PPPP button on your sidebar.  ( you can grab it from my right sidebar)

I Love a Parade, don't you???

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Free Pin-wheel Pincushion Tutorial and getting ready for the PPPP!

I decided that I would have to make one or two new pincushions for this year's I do love pincushions....even if you have enough pincushions....well can you really ever have enough pincushions??

So in searching for some patterns, I stumbled across this adorable free pin-wheel top pincushion tutorial from the FQS...which is a video (not my favorite way to learn....I like to read my tutorials) but this one is pretty quick to the I thought I would give it a really is so uses 12 mini charms (2.5"x2.5")....4 for the back, 4 for the front and 4 for the pinwheel....and you can add button(s) if you want.

   I love how this turned out! ....and I loved this pattern so much I decided to make another one to see if maybe I could make the pinwheel stand out a little more.....unfortunately I picked one of the colors of the pin wheel a little to close to the color I used on the top...but still I do like this one anyway....

If you would like to make this little pincushion click on the following link or the photo below to see the free tutorial from FQS.... 

More details on the Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade coming very soon..............

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Another quilt for Little Lambs

I finished the 2nd and last quilt for this year's Hands2Help Campaign.  May I just say that I was planning for this to be a very quick and easy disappearing 9 patch quilt but it turned into a stressful and not so disappearing NIGHTMARE!

Lol...........well anyway........I had another panel with some really cute little alphabet character patches that looked to be square and even after I cut them they still appeared to be almost  square......but.........well lets just say that the first 3 rows are made with the disappearing 9 patch and the last 3 rows I finagled somehow........and I stretched and pleaded with this flimsy to PLEASE be the same size top to bottom......and somehow when I was all really did turn out SQUARE-ish..........

I had some problems with the know how sometimes the bobbin is so loose you can just pull it and it comes all out?.... Well I had to take out probably a third of it and fix the tension then re-do it.....and as if I wasn't already traumatized enough.....I put an ACTUAL binding on this time....not just one of my favorite "turn the backing over" bindings......funny thing.....I couldn't get anything to work last night so I thought I would have to get my seam ripper out this morning but I guess I was just tired because it all worked out fine this morning........I only have one corner that is a little "un-cornerlike"

...All said and done......both quilts are off to Little Lambs tomorrow!'

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Little Lambs quilt and whispers of PPPP in the wind.....

Ok so 3 posts in one month is a charm??

 I finished one of my donations for Hands2Help and am working on the second.......
I had a little Bears Alphabet panel and decided to just cut out each square and add some thin sashing around the squares.  Little Lambs, where I will send this, is asking for only small quilts...36" to 42", hence the very thin sashing....(you can click on the Little Lambs link above to read about their wonderful and worthwhile foundation)

For quilting I just used a running stitch across each square in a simple "x" pattern...and I did a "cheater" binding by just folding over the backing.....(I'm getting better at regular binding but sometimes I still run away from it and do it this way instead....)  

On another subject.....I've been wondering if maybe it's time to revive the Perfectly Pleasing Pincushion Parade?  My family who helped me in the past says it's time for another and I think maybe it is......what do you think?  Since we are all staying in maybe we could gather up our pincushions and share them in the PPPP 2020! 

Monday, April 20, 2020

Whoa! Another Post??

Wow.........who'd a thunk??  
Anyway, while looking through link-up pages on Sarah's page at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, I ran across another linkup at "Quilting and Learning - What a Combo!" called  Free Motion Maverick link-up.   Here you can show your recent FMQ projects so I decided to linkup with my latest project...just finished last week...a "bigger than a baby quilt but smaller than a twin size quilt".  

I have found that kids get more out of a slightly larger quilt that is still small enough to drag around but big enough to become a "fort" when draped from the sofa to the coffee table...or big enough to cover them when they are no longer babies............

I actually forgot to measure before I sent it out in the mail but I guess it was probably throw size....50 x 60 more or less?  (I'm not such a "pioneer" after all in new kid quilt

So anyhow.........I made this Mickey Mouse quilt for a young man who is scheduled to be born in August. 

 His parents speak to their children both in English and Spanish so when I found this fabric panel to made a cloth book which teaches English, Spanish, and French words .....

I decided to cut it up and turn it into a quilt instead!             

 So the quilting inside each block and on the horizontal sashing is actually one-run quilting done with my embroidery machine.  I found a nifty pattern of tiny little Mickey Mouse heads for inside the blocks and a larger applique pattern that I used for both the sashing and then for the appliqued black Mickey heads on the borders.

 Then I finished with just a meandering stipple in all the empty places........

Don't forget to visit Sarah's Blog and help out by making a quilt if you can!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Hands 2 Help & some little National Park Flags

I'm not too sure who will read my post since I have become woefully bad at blogging but I did want to mention that Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict is sponsoring her Hands 2 Help Campaign again this year. (click on her button on right sidebar or on the link above) 
Over the years I have joined and plan to again this year.  In the meantime, Sarah has a linky party over at her blog asking for small projects we are doing during this COVID19 stay home time so I am linking up THERE with her today with some mini flags my Sisters and I did....

A week or so ago my Sis, Barb, asked us (my other sewing Sisters) to help a friend who has applied for a National Parks Art Residency and asked for help in creating her application project which is a display of 6"x8" hanging flags of National or State Parks you have visited. The original photo which you created the flag with is sewed on the back of the flag and then she hangs them like this:

Here is what I created and sent to her:
Glacier Bay National Park , above, (original photo on right)

Below is Guadalupe Mountains National Park with the original photo again on right:

Below are the masterpieces my Sisters made:

By Barb, below is White Sands National Park:

and Glacier National Park

Here is Big Bend National Park by Irene:

and Saguaro National Park also by Irene:


....and last but not least by Lynette we have Zion National Park:

My Sisters and I had a great time making these little flags....we texted each other for several days as we were creating some "together time" while we were apart!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

I Whitewashed my fireplace!

Some of you know that I retired last April so I finally decided to tackle a project I had been wanting to do for awhile...whitewashing my dark rock fireplace......
Besides the dark dated color, I also didn't like that the installer had placed the rock veneer on the front to end short of the pieces on the sides so I had visible ugly grout lines "walking" up both sides of the fireplace!  
Before the whitewash I filled in the grout lines with concrete repair mastic and "created" bigger rocks that went all the way to the ends....much better than before!

I used ideas from both Pinterest and YouTube for my project.  Both suggested using a 50/50 (water/paint) mixture of Chalk paint in a light gray color.  I used Rustoleum Chalked Aged Gray and began painting with a sponge brush, then I tried a large sponge and also used a regular bristle brush to get into the deep crevices of the rock... 

 After the first coat I thought the overall effect looked dull.....the rocks didn't seem to have any texture and just faded into the grout lines.....

I let it dry overnight then the next day I began dry brushing with a 50/50 mixture of white latex flat paint mixed with water.  The rock began to look so much better but wasn't as white as I had hoped so I added even more white to the mixtures and coated the rocks again...paying attention to highlighting the high spots.....this made the grout lines show up better and added some vividness to the rock....

     I think I like it!

and it's "Kitty Approved" too!