Saturday, October 22, 2011


Back again and getting ready to go to work........I work at our area's only Level One trauma center.....weekend graveyard, no less.  Everything is realtively quiet most weekend nights.......just routine x-rays that keep us steadily busy until around 3:00 AM (or "Drunk:30") hits and we get the car accidents and assaults from the bars that have just closed.  When we get a trauma come in, everything changes and we must drop everything and go take care of that.  The level of care there is wonderful, our hospital has saved countless lives and my work crew is also wonderful......a crew of professionals when they need to be and really fit that old saying, "you don't have to be crazy to work here, but it helps!"  So as I get ready to go to work just wanted to say, Here's to you, UMC......proud to be a part of all the good work you all do everyday.....24 hrs and day.....7 days a week.....365 days a year!  Special thanks to Toots, KAR54, and PamCakes!
...........And while I'm here........I found out the perfect fix to Irene's little Sunbonnet Girl Mug Rug.........I didn't even have to iron it!  I just cropped the photo file!  LOL!!!!!

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