Sunday, October 30, 2011

More on Computers and Quilting...and a little on tie-dyeing!

Ok first of computer is fixed!  And not without the help of my computer genius son.......(now doesn't that sound like a Mama talking?)........After picking up the motherboard and "dropping" it in to the was such an easy job!  No soldering or much plugging in of cards or boards.......I pushed the "on" button and TADA!    Nothing.  Zilch. Nada...............I was so disappointed!  So I texted my son, Patrick, and got a promise that he would drop by to "take a look".   As soon as he took that look and clicked a couple of buttons it was up and running!  Guess the on button was stuck or something or, as I believe, "he just has that magic touch because he's my son" LOL........(there goes Mama again) there is a little problem with one of the memory modules and once I get that replaced it is just like a new computer!  Yay!!!  Here it is next to my other laptop and it is charging away like it oughta be!

Ok now to the quilting part:      
I am now haunting all the second hand stores for quilting books and I found some really cool ones at Half-Price books.........two of them have CD or DVD disks so I can fire up my computer and see what my quilt pattern will look like.......(I hope, anyway.........we shall see).......One is a flannel quilting book, another has pinwheel quilts, which sounds interesting, and  another is a fat quarter quilting book.  I can hardly wait to start!

And last but not least..........the Tie dyeing...........Today I am still on vacation visiting my kids and we are going to tie dye some t-shirts and I am also going to play beauty shop and do some hair cutting and hi-lighting.........will post pictures next time!

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Hilachas said...

Wow! Another blog post. You're doing better than I am lately. Hard to get back to something when you've been away from it. Probably easier to get back to blogging than it is getting back to extercising though. I'm glad you got the laptop fixed, smile. Sounds like you're having fun. I'm glad about that. Can't wait to see the books and rags that you bought. I love my sister :)

Anonymous said...

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