Sunday, March 29, 2015

PNG Quilt Collective update....a sweet gift and some disappearing blocks..

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.— Albert Einstein 
About a year or so ago I blogged about my friend, Gina's, project for babies in Papua, New Guinea..........(Click here for her info page)

So anyway.........I made a couple of little baby quilts and a fleece blanket and sent to Gina back in 2013.......this was one of the quilts I sent:
Imagine my delight when I saw Gina's post from last October which showed a group of the Patea Tribe who received some of the quilts.  There at the far left is the little quilt above being held up for display! Now THAT is a display wall!  My heart was singing when I saw the photo.

I also wanted to show you a sweet little gift my Sis gave me last week.........She heard me going on and on about all the little zip-lock kits I had been making for everyone else and that I still hadn't made one for myself so look at this!

Irene's "signature" hexies on the front and extra pockets and zip-lock bags on the inside!  Thanks Irene.  You know how much I love it!
My next project is the disappearing hourglass quilt.  I saw the pattern on my friend, Mary (Needled Mom)'s blog..... I am using a layer cake of Fairy Tale Friends by American Jane with some teal is my first block........first you see the hourglass block....then the disappearing block created from it.....


The second block I'm still not sure about....I'm thinking the floral fabric may be too dark and I may go back and just pick out the lighter fabrics from the Fairy Tales Friend layer cake....opionions anybody???

 Ok then......time to get this post published and wind down from the weekend graveyard shift....I'm back to work dayshift tomorrow so Ta-Ta for now......


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Hilachas said...

How exciting to see your quilt in New Guinea. That's the best display wall ever. I'm as proud and happy as if I'd made that quillt myself. Wow! I'm glad you liked your little kit. I enjoyed makingg it for you. Your disappearing hourgllass is comming along quickly. I like the second block as well. The turquoise and the "flowerdy" and/or flamboyant color are pretty. And "how about that charity quilt in New Guinea?" Yes!

Needled Mom said...

What a thrill to see you quilt being loved so far from home!!!! That is such a touching photo - a real treasure.

I see your sister's "hexie touch" on the nice zip bag project. You are going to love it. You have such a nice sister!

I LOVE your DHG blocks. I really like the floral one. I think you will too when you see them all together. Some of my blogs were questionable (to me), but they all fit in well with the completed quilt. Aren't they fun?

Missy Shay said...

I love those blocks and how exciting about your charity quilt!

Gina E. said...

Thanks for posting the photo, Ida, it is great for other people to see where our quilts are ending up:-)